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Do you want high quality shopping without the hassle of spending hours driving or days waiting for an order to arrive? If so, you’re not alone.

Since Sweetwater county doesn’t yet have a store that accomplishes this, we are working to make it happen.

Wild Sage Market is a startup project that will bring high quality, locally sourced, health-conscious shopping to the Green River-Rock Springs area.

At Wild Sage Market, you’ll get the products you want while supporting local and regional businesses and producers, all with the ease of shopping close to home.

Everyone should have convenient access to a variety of high-quality food and products with the benefits of shopping locally.

However, this store cannot happen without your help.  By becoming a member-owner today, this store can become a reality even sooner!

With Wild Sage Market:

  • You’ll have more free time & resources by shopping locally and getting just what you want.
  • Your money will have a more local impact, enriching our community and our state with more local sourcing.
  • Most importantly, you'll be able to easily contribute to your greatest asset, your health.


With your help –

OUR store will become a reality even sooner.

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