About Wild Sage Market & FAQ

Wild Sage Market is a grassroots effort to open a co-op grocery store in Green River, WY - a health-focused store, giving you convenience and ease of access to enlivening, high quality, clean-conventional, and organic food and products, to be precise.

After approaching virtually every natural food retailer about opening a store in our area and being turned down, our original members decided to look into methods laid out by the the Food Co-op Initiative (FCI), who has helped successfully open dozens of similar stores around the country.

We received overwhelmingly positive responses and feedback in discussing it among the community, so we decided to take it a step further and turn our dream into a reality.

If not us, then WHO?

If not now, then WHEN?

It's time to stop waiting for someone else to fulfill our need for another grocery store.

Let's work together and create the store that we want!

Benefits of Membership

  • More options for shopping in your community
  • Invest in, and strengthen your local economy
  • Take pride and ownership where you spend your money
  • Vote and be part of the democratic process of owning your store
  • Receive patronage dividends when the Co-op earns a surplus
  • Attend free or discounted classes
  • Receive member-only sales
  • You own it!

More About Wild Sage Market & Frequently asked Questions:

  • If I'm not a member, can I still shop at WSM?

    The Co-op will be open to the public.
    However, there are advantages of being a member-owner.

  • What is a food cooperative?

    A food cooperative is a business
    owned and democratically governed by its members.
    It is operated for the benefit of its owners
    to meet their mutual needs.

  • Where will WSM be located?

    We will be located in Green River, preferably downtown.

  • What is the cost of membership?

    The one-time member equity purchase is $300.
    A payment plan is available.
    Member-owner benefits become effective once your membership is paid in full.

  • When will the store be open?

    To open our doors, a minimum of 1200+ member-owners are needed.
    The sooner we have enough membership and support, the sooner the store will be open.

  • Why should I join now instead of waiting until the store is open ?

    Everything starts with you and your membership!
    Being a founding member-owner today enables us to open the doors sooner.
    Member-owners provide the necessary capital to start the Co-op.
    Putting off your membership means that it will take longer for us to open our doors.

  • What products will WSM carry?

    The store will carry a variety of local, regional, sustainable, and organic products which will be decided by the member-owners.

  • What are some more reasons for supporting this venture?

    By supporting WSM, you are ensuring the success of your locally-owned grocery store that will provide the community with access to a variety of local, regional, sustainable, and organic products.
    Supporting a food co-op means putting your dollars where your values are: the cooperative system, healthy
    communities, and local farms and businesses.
    Finally, supporting any local business keeps your money in your community.

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