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Forbes Family Farms

About Forbes Family Farm:

"As a family farm near the Wyoming-Utah border, our vision is to produce high quality food that enriches the lives of people in our community. Wild Sage Market's goal of making healthy and local food more accessible aligns with our values. We are excited for the possibility of future partnerships with Wild Sage Market to make available to the Green River community the food we and other local farmers and ranchers grow."

Sustainable Wraps


About Sustainable Wraps:

Started by two sisters in Melbourne, Australia, here is more of their story:

"Every year 6 million tonnes of rubbish is dumped into the ocean world wide, 80% of which is plastic. Australians use 1.3 million tonnes of plastic each year and while we recycle 46% over half ends up in a landfill. Majority of plastic waste is made up of food packaging and plastic bags. If we can reduce our use of plastic we are one step closer to a cleaner greener planet.

Handmade by two sisters with love and laughter using natural bees wax, coconut oil, pine resin, and cotton fabrics, these Sustainable Wraps are designed to be used again and again helping you keep your food fresh.

Simply place the Sustainable Wrap over your food dish and with the warmth and pressure of your hands mould the wrap to seal your food. A non-toxic, easy-to-use alternative to plastic.

Suitable for vegetables, cheeses, sandwiches and snacks: NOT for meat or hot dishes and liquids. The beeswax antibacterial properties, coconut oil's known antifungal properties, and resin’s antimicrobial properties help keep your food safe and fresher for longer.

Wrap Care: Wash in cool water with mild dish soap; air dry. Avoid hot dishes or liquids as these will affect the wax coating. With a little love your wrap should last up to a year and then you can recycle it in the compost. Enjoy minimizing your footprint and the use of this non-toxic, anti-plastic wrap."


1 month ago

Hangin’ out at the Rock Springs Main Street Market with this cutie!

1 month ago
Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism

This is such a great event! Hurry, only three more days to register!

⏰ Only 3 Days Left to Register for the Proud Wyoming Woman Retreat!

Register today at:
Registration Deadline: August 23rd

Park & Truly Retreat!!
The Holiday Inn is ... See more

1 month ago

Busy week for WSM!
Tues. Board Meeting
Wed. GR Farmers Market
Thurs. RS Farmers Market

2 months ago
Green River Urban Renewal/Main Street Agency

Hope to see you there!

Farmer's Market! Come stock up on your favorite items and show the vendors how much we appreciate them!
Corner of Roosevelt Dr & Uinta in Green River.

2 months ago
Photos from Wild Sage Market - Co-op Startup's post

Come on out to the garden! 🥕🍃 We are here until 3! Check out this amazing project Wild Sage Garden has been heading for the community garden. Have questions about the garden, the market or want ... See more

2 months ago
Rocket-Miner Newspaper

Food co-ops are community owned. The ONLY way that Wild Sage Market will successfully open a store is by the community investing in this opportunity. Thank you Caleb Smith and the Rocket-Miner for ... See more

2 months ago
Photos from Wild Sage Market - Co-op Startup's post

Hello Rock Springs!👋. Come down to the 🌽Farmers Market🥒 today, check out the vendors, come by and visit our booth! 🌾🍃 Ask some questions about the 🥕natural food 🍎 grocery store ... See more

2 months ago
Wild Sage Garden

We are so excited to be included in the 2019 Green River Pond and Garden tour.
We would like to have a Work Party to get the Garden looking it's best.
Please join us for ... See more

2 months ago

Come down and support the Farmers Market and chat with us about the Co-op.

2 months ago

We ALL win if we can pull together to create a local natural food store. And right now you could also win a ticket to the 2019 Proud Wyoming Woman Retreat, but only if you become a new Wild Sage ... See more

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