We will be a community owned grocery store with a focus on locally sourced and produced foods and other healthy products – providing you with more variety and options to outfit your fridge.

Help create a health-focused grocery store with local convenience by becoming a member today!

Wild Sage Market will be more than just another grocery store - with clean-conventional prepared foods and a variety of items you'll only find at our store - we aim to give our members and all Sweetwater County shoppers a full-service, hometown experience unique to our area.

We will strive to partner with and promote local producers.  This will expand our local economy, directly benefiting local producers, and keep more of your money local, with local community ownership of our store-to-be.

As a startup project, with initial funding by our community, and later funding through bank loans, our primary aim is to sell memberships in order to open a full-service grocery store.

As a health-focused grocery store, we'll provide information, education, and products that complement a health conscious lifestyle and overall sustainability.

Wild Sage Market is a startup project that will bring a different kind of "brick-and-mortar" grocery store to Southwest Wyoming.  WSM will be much like most other conventional grocery stores - open to the public for members and non-members alike and fully staffed by paid employees.  What makes WSM different is the initial funding to open the store will come from its member-owners.  This means members get the opportunity to profit from the store's success, and vote on the direction the store takes.

Since Sweetwater County doesn’t yet have a store offering this, WSM's board of directors are working diligently, volunteering their time and effort to make it happen, with the belief that everyone should have convenient access to a variety of high-quality, locally produced food and goods, with the benefits of shopping locally.

Do you want locally produced or specialty goods without the hassle of spending hours driving or days waiting for an order to arrive?  If so, you’re not alone.  At Wild Sage Market, you’ll help support local businesses and producers, while getting the products you want, with the ease of shopping close to home.

This store cannot open without your help.  By becoming a member-owner today, this store will become a reality even sooner!

With Wild Sage Market:

  • You’ll have more free time & resources by shopping locally and getting just what you want.
  • Your money will have a more local impact, enriching our community and our state with more local sourcing.
  • Most importantly, you'll be able to easily contribute to your greatest asset, your health.


With your help –

OUR store will become a reality even sooner.

Become a member today!

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